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Is CBD Legal?

Yes. CBD Oil is legal in the EU and 50 US states.

Will CBD Oil help with illness?

Our CBD Oil products are sold as food supplements only. If you have any questions regarding your health then you should consult your doctor for help.

How does CBD Oil work?

CBD Oil contains all the medicinal content of cannabis/ hemp without the psychoactive active THC. Which is why the compound is becoming so popular.

Will CBD make me high?

No. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that is psychoactive. CBD is not psychoactive. Therefore, you are able to harness the full effects of CBD whilst being in complete control.

Are there any side effects?

No. As far as we are aware CBD Oil is safe and there are no reported side effects. But, if you are already on medication then you should consult with your doctor beforehand.

Are CBD & THC the same thing?

There are two active ingredients in the cannabis plant. THC, which is the psychoactive element that makes you ‘high’. And CBD, which is non-psychoactive. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits without the risk.