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How to Use CBD Paste

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CBD can be taken in many ways, from capsules to topicals, but one of the most effective ways to take CBD is sublingually. CBD pastes are one of the products to use when administering in this way.

How do you use CBD Paste?

CBD pastes come in a variety of strengths, and the recommended dosage will differ between different strengths. Although there haven’t been any reported serious side effects to taking CBD, it is recommended that you start low and go slow, to figure out the right dose for your needs.

CBD Paste is most commonly taken sublingually, in the same way as CBD oil tinctures.

When you have figured out how much paste you want to take, the administration is a lot more straightforward:

Simply squeeze the desired amount out of the syringe – the CBD paste is delivered inside a syringe to make your life easier – and apply the paste under your tongue.

From here, it is just a waiting game. We recommend that you resist swallowing the paste and hold it for at least 60 seconds. This will give the CBD time to absorb efficiently into the cells under your tongue.

It’s as simple as that.

CBD pastes can also be added to food.

Simply add it to your ingredients when cooking a meal, or dissolve it into your favourite drink.